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For over thirty-five years, Jerry Lucas – a.k.a. Dr. Memory™ – has been driven by an all-consuming vision to change the way people learn. The knowledge of his serious involvement in learning and memory training started with his New York Times bestseller The Memory Book, first published in 1974. The Memory Book has since sold over 3 million copies. The Lucas Learning System™ has been translated into multiple media platforms with success every step of the way. Mr. Lucas has written subsequent bestsellers, authored audio courses, overseen videos and interactive CD-ROM games, and made innumerable personal appearances across the United States and around the world. His system has been taught to tens of millions of people, and has a proven track record, not only in terms of sales, but also in verifiable results for his students.
Dr. Ms Universe™ is the latest and boldest incarnation of Mr. Lucas’ vision. With the aim of bringing this unique educational system to the widest possible audience, this product will be unlike anything else on the market. Mining over three decades of material from Mr. Lucas’ intellectual property library, Dr. Ms Universe™ will incorporate all of The Lucas Learning Systems™ classic learning techniques, updated with feature film quality animation, high-end console-style game play, and the latest in 3D technology. By leveraging the power of advanced web-based game engines, this subscription-based product will be accessible worldwide to anyone with a high-speed internet connection – whether they’re on a computer, or even an iPhone!