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Dr. M’s Universe™ will be a high-tech adaptation of Jerry Lucas’ best-selling educational material that has spanned more than 40 years since the launch of the classic New York Times Best Seller The Memory Book in the 1970’s. Using the unique and proven methods of The Lucas Learning System™, gamification, music and motion picture quality 3D animation Dr. M’s Universe will teach a variety of subjects from basic literacy to SAT level vocabulary.


About Jerry Lucas
• Voted one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history, two-time Naismith Basket Hall of Fame inductee and an Olympic Gold Medalist.
• The Memory Book sold more copies than any non-fiction book in the 1970’s surpassing even All The President’s Men.
• Known as Doctor Memory™ and famous for displaying incredible memorization skills including remembering the names of everyone in the studio audience of the Tonight Show.
• After his retirement from basketball he applied himself to changing education. Years of research, application and his creative genius have led to a revolutionary method of learning. As an example, he has pictured every sound in the English language with tangible characters so students will be able to see sounds tangibly and in animation for the very first time. The Lucas Learning System™ gives all intangible data a visual identity and creates a lasting memory.

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